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wir freuen uns Ihnen mitteilen zu dürfen, dass wir bald unsere neuen Räumlichkeiten in Ober-Mörlen beziehen dürfen und ab dem 05. Juli unsere Praxis nun unter folgender Adresse weiter führen:

Gesundheitszentrum van Dijk
An der Hüftersheimer Mühle 6
61239 Ober-Mörlen

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Heat therapy

... is often used as part of a physiotherapeutic treatment.


Pain management

... according to "Cranenburgh", the so-called "pain memory" is used.



... was founded in 1946 by the neurophysiologist Dr. Kabat and the physiotherapist Margret Knott.


physical therapy

... is a physical therapy that is used for musculoskeletal complaints. 


Manual therapy

Blockages or restrictions of joints and their capsules are treated.


Kinesiology tape

... is used in various areas to support joint functions.



… ist eine Behandlung, in der man den Patienten als Ganzes betrachtet.


Mikronahrstoffe Analyse

Ernähren Sie sich ausgewogen? Wir können Ihnen helfen diese Frage zu beantworten.

Gesundheitszentrum van Dijk


Eine neue ganzheitliche Behandlungsmethode, die seinen Ursprung vor 5 Jahren gefunden hat.


Customers about us

    5 star review  An orthopedic practice recommended that I see an osteopath. I hadn't had any contact with osteopathy before, after years of pain, various doctor and X-ray visits, I was open to everything... read more

    thumb Tina Vogel

    5 star review  I recently visited Physio van Dijk for the first time and was very satisfied with the advice and treatment. He takes a lot of time for the anamnesis and follows up... read more

    thumb Friederike Pietsch

    5 star review  For several years I had back problems as well as hip problems that have not improved sustainably after previous other treatments. My problems have gotten a lot better since his therapy. He also explains... read more

    thumb Julian Müller

    5 star review  After surviving the intervertebral disc operation, our team boss "landed" on the recommendation of the team around Sebastiaan van Dijk to continue treating the pain and restoring mobility. Recommendation is the keyword here! By... read more

    thumb Hessisch Dynamite Racing Team #HDRT


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